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"Where IS that cabana boy?
I'm working up a thirst."

Words of Paradise
- the Aloha Chapter newsletter!

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Strong Currents 2 Published
Aloha Chapter’s second anthology of Hawaii writers, Strong Currents 2, edited by Kathryn Godwin, Lynn Harris, and Michael Little, was published in March 2006. Book launch plans are underway, including local signings and readings and a booth at the first Hawaii Book and Music Festival in Honolulu on April 22 and 23. The book is now available at

A portion of the proceeds from this anthology goes to Hawaii Literacy, Inc.


Wanda A. Adams
. I Met This Guy
Melissa Dylan. Long and Starts With K
Elizabeth Engstrom. In a Darkened Compartment

Lynn Raye Harris. Maddie’s Marine
Michael Little. How Jackie Got Her Oil Changed
Leslee Ellenson. Maestro Julian

Malena S. Brooks. Oh Daddy
Sally Sorenson. Ah, There’s the Rub
Kathryn Godwin. The Kiss

Alexandra Morgan. Close Kine
Helen Craig. Aftermath
Cami Nihipali. Haole Girl

Theresa Drew. Sustenance
K. T. Helfrich. Elbow Room
Sally Sorenson. Love Means Letting Go

Michael Little. In Search of Inspiration
Helen Craig. The Benefits of Exercise
Karen Huffman. On the Way to Love

Nina Krek. Poor Sheila McKinley
Linda A. Mark. Feng Shui for Everyone
Lynde Lakes. Desert Heat

J. Freitas. The Turtle Pool
Natalie Barrett. Stranger Things
Leslee Ellenson. His Story

Theresa Drew. Gardening
Nina Krek. Darling

The Breakup Queen Set for 2007
Aloha Chapter’s third collection of Hawaii writers, The Breakup Queen: Romantic Tales from Hawaii Writers, is scheduled for publication in October 2007. Writers, whether chapter members or not, are invited to submit their short fiction, poetry, and essays by May 1, 2007. Click here for details.


Strong Currents (the original) brings together more than two dozen stories by contemporary Hawai'i writers, featuring stories by Elizabeth Engstrom, Jill Marie Landis, Laureen Kwock, and a host of others.

Published in 2002 by the Aloha Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, which is donating net proceeds to Hawai'i Literacy, Inc.

Available from and






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