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"Guess what, I saw my name
at the library
! And I only had
two books overdue

A partial list of the chapter's library of books and tapes.
Books and tapes may be checked out by members at the meetings.


  • Mystery Writer’s Market Place and Sourcebook
  • Now That You’ve Sold Your Book…What Next?, by Published Authors of the New England Chapter, RWA
  • Published Authors Network (PAN) of RWA Presents the Results of the 1995 “Rate the Publishers Survey,” by LaRee Bryant
  • Techniques of the Selling Writer, by Dwight Swain
  • Keys to Success: A Professional Writer’s Career Handbook, by RWA 1997
  • The Writer’s Brain Storming Kit: Thinking in New Directions, by Pamela S. McCutcheon and Michael R. Waite
  • Homemade Money, by Barbara Brabee
  • All I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Romance Novels, by Victoria M. Johnson
  • A Creative Companion – How to Free Your Creative Spirit, by Sark
  • If You Want to Write, by Brenda Ueland


  • 1996 RWA Conference: Dallas
  • 1997 RWA Conference: Orlando
  • 1998 RWA Conference: Anaheim
  • 1999 RWA Conference: Chicago
  • Workshop on Scene and Sequel, by Jill Marie Landis
  • Fictional Characterizations Based Upon Mental Disorder Diagnostic Classification – a presentation to the Aloha Chapter, May 3, 1997, by Terrence Wade
  • Happily Ever After – a one-page questionnaire to help you build your synopsis


  • The Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets: Vol. 83-84, 1997 to 1998, edited and published by Kathryn Ptacek
  • Lovescape: The Romantic Novella Magazine: Vol. 1-4


  • RWA Aloha Chapter By-Laws


RWA Conference 2001: New Orleans

  • “Love as a Foreign Language” – S. Jeffers
  • “Pushing the Envelope: Working with Your Editor to Create Provocative, Innovative …” – D. Maass
  • “Writing Between the Laugh Lines: Getting the Humor Right” – C. A. Porter
  • “Breaking into Category Suspense” – D. Webb, L. Wainger, D. O’Sullivan, J. Miller, L. Stone, L. Winstead Jones
  • “Mastering POV Once and For All” – T. Taylor Quinn
  • “More Keys to Consistent Sales: Self-Editing” (2 tapes) – S. Bond

RWA Conference 2000: Washington, D.C.

  • “The Art of Crafting Mystery and Suspense” (2 tapes) – J. Wayne, L. Gardner, G. Wilson, S. Brockmann
  • “Book in a Week: Rediscovering Our Passion for Writing” – April Kihlstrom
  • “Sex vs. Sensuality: The Art of Layering Your Love Scenes” – K. Drogin, B. Chin, K. Raye, J. Denison
  • “Story Mapping” – Annette Blair
  • “Twelve Easy Steps Make a Novel” – Ann Major
  • “When to Show, When to Tell, and What’s the Difference” – Anne Franzier Walradt

RWA Conference 1999: Chicago

  • “Screenwriting 101: The Basics” (2 tapes) – Karen Darr
  • “Let Your Characters Do the Writing” – Cheryl Anne Porter
  • “Character and Story” (2 tapes) – Robert McKee
  • “The Best of Both Worlds: An Author’s Look at E-Publishing” – Jane Toombs

RWA Conference 1998: Anaheim

  • “Turning Your Weaknesses into Strengths” – Jacqueline Diamond
  • “The Psychology of Creating Characters” – Laurie Schnebly Campbell
  • “Muse on the Run” (2 tapes) – Tess Farraday
  • “Analyzing the Synopsis: Inside an Editor’s Mind” – Leslie Wainger
  • “What Every Writer Should Know About Taxes” (2 tapes) – Michael Jones
  • “The Cinematic Story: Novels That Can Be Films” – Annabelle Corrick Beach
  • “Keep ‘Em Up All Night: How to Write a Page Turner” – Suzanne Brockmann
  • “Plotting the Suspense/Thriller” – Joanne Pence
  • “Advance Plotting” (2 tapes) – Jolie Kramer





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