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Leslee Ellenson

In addition to Romance Writers of America, Leslee is an active member of the Hawaii chapter of the International Womens Writing Guild (IWWG). She has been an avid reader and writer for more than twenty years and has attended two Maui Writers Conferences and several smaller regional conferences.

Her writing credentials include: two cover articles on Government Contracting issues in Contract Management magazine, the signature publication of the National Contract Management Association, and numerous professional newsletter columns. Leslee has also authored over 200 poems, a few of which have been published. She is currently working with a New York copyeditor on the final revisions to a 97,000 word Contemporary Romantic Suspense novel titled Isles Apart.

Favorite Writers:

Jack London - Martin Eden
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb - All of her books
Barbara Delinsky - All of her books
Wilkie Collins - Moonstone, The Woman in White

Excerpt from ISLES APART:

She covered his body with hers and cried out, "I've got you. I'll watch your back. You're okay. I promise you're okay." His body jerked as the spasms of death seized him. She pressed her body against him. "Breathe, damn it, breathe. Can't you feel it? I'm breathing for you. Breathe. Breathe with me."

She rubbed his arms with hers and slid her hips over his. "Don't you feel it? Don't you feel the warmth? Let my heart beat for yours. Let my blood be your blood. Live! Damn you. Live!"

She slid off his body and rolled him over. His blood soaked uniform shone violet in the streetlight. She buried her face in his chest and tasted his blood-sweet and warm. She licked her lips and felt desire welling up inside her. Death was stealing his breath. Desire was stealing her soul. She took him by the shoulders and pulled herself up towards his open mouth. She kissed him and breathed her life into him.


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